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  1. The " weighting " is the ions relative permeability across the membrane.
  2. Notice that we have removed relative permeability which is a dimensionless parameter.
  3. For steel, the relative permeability drops to 1 above the Curie temperature.
  4. In terms of relative permeability, the magnetic susceptibility is
  5. This dependence later came to be known as relative permeability in petroleum engineering.
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  7. Thus the sum of relative permeabilities over all phases is less than 1.
  8. Relative permeability must be between zero and one.
  9. In materials with relative permittivity,, and relative permeability,, the phase velocity of light becomes
  10. However, it also takes into consideration the relative permeability of the plasma membrane to each ion in question.
  11. This tells us that relative permeability should, in the most general case, be represented by a tensor.
  12. For example, the force of the lock is proportional to the square of the relative permeability of the magnetic core.
  13. Mu-metal typically has relative permeability values of 80, 000 100, 000 compared to several thousand for ordinary steel.
  14. The physical property that links the flow equations of the three fluid phases, is relative permeability of each fluid phase and pressure.
  15. By alternating parameters such as the relative permeability or saturation magnetisation, there exists the possibility to tailor'magnonic'bandgaps in the material.
  16. Conductors can have a relative permeability to alternating magnetic fields of below one, so some configurations using simple AC driven electromagnets are self stable.
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