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  1. During the relative period of calm since then, Israelis had begun returning to public places.
  2. After a relative period of decline in the 1980s a British GT Championship emerged in the mid-90s.
  3. It was the second bombing within a week that shattered a relative period of peace in the country.
  4. Around the turn of the 20th Century, the Indian economy was passing through a relative period of stability.
  5. A fine selection of paintings and other object s of art from relative periods complemented the furniture, and further enhanced the atmosphere of splendour.
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  7. "The whole image of a drunken president is very dangerous, because there has been this relative period of calm and sense of political stability lately, " he said.
  8. And a Board of Education spokesman, David Golub, said that the incident " shattered what had been a relative period of tranquility in terms of school safety ."
  9. The Cyclades paid a tribute until 404 BC . After that, they experienced a relative period of autonomy before entering the second Delian League and passing under Athenian control once again.
  10. The relative period of peace between Byzantium and Armenia during the second half of the 10th century led to a great deal of interaction between Armenian artists and their Greek counterparts.
  11. In March 1995, Massoud's forces were able to drive out the Taliban from the area around Kabul, and retake Charasiab, leading to a relative period of calm for a few months.
  12. Cockerill took over as manager later that year, and oversaw a relative period of stability for the club, before he was sacked shortly before the end of the 2006 07 season.
  13. The relative period of peace did not last long, and with the start of the regime of Ferdinand the Second in Austria, which in spite of that like his grandfather he opposed the persecution of the Jews and even permitted constructing a synagogue, he demanded a huge amount of tax from the Jewish population.

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