regions in a sentence

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  1. The sea's middle regions are almost incomprehensible in size.
  2. Economists consider the region vital to Mexico's modernization plans.
  3. CARDENAS : We must develop investment programs in the indigenous regions.
  4. It will create the biggest industrial region we have ever seen.
  5. The entire economy of the region became dependent on the project.
  6. It's difficult to find regions in a sentence.
  7. And that will help South Texas and the entire border region.
  8. Williams carried only six of the 29 counties in the region.
  9. Richards and her opponent both pay close attention to the region.
  10. That hurts tremendously in marketing our region as a technology center.
  11. There is an increased interest in business news across the region.
  12. But in the rest of the region, people are jubilant.
  13. Eastern Europe is a region to court, rather than pressure.
  14. The region could support two or three stores, Questrom said.
  15. Clinton used the occasion to announce financial rewards for the region.
  16. And they have 6 of the region's 11 governorships.
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