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  1. In recent years the Berlin Method is often supplemented with a refugium.
  2. The Fremouw Formation preserves many tetrapod fossils that span the refugium for these animals.
  3. A popular technique for aquarists, is to grow macroalgae in a sump or refugium.
  4. Deus noster refugium et virtus ".
  5. Some marine aquariums also include a refugium.
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  7. Mountains in the park, known as the Refugium Range, include refugium with unique plants.
  8. Mountains in the park, known as the Refugium Range, include refugium with unique plants.
  9. In home aquariums, the refugium is typically located in the cabinet underneath the main tank.
  10. The term " Refugium peccatorum " is also used other works of Roman Catholic Marian art.
  11. During the last glacial maximum the territory of Serbia was a part of a large Balkan Refugium.
  12. There is also a potential refugium in the far north of Scandinavia on the island of And鴜a.
  13. It may also indicate that Coronation was a refugium that provided a food source for the bear.
  14. Various types of macroalgae can be grown and harvested from the refugium as another means of nitrate export.
  15. During her time as abbess she overstretched the abbey's finances by purchasing a refugium in Brussels.
  16. A refugium provides many benefits, which include nitrate reduction, as well as providing a natural food source.
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