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  1. Meanwhile, France announced that it would not intervene in the refugee crisis.
  2. Just north of Azerbaijan, another refugee crisis is smoldering in southern Russia.
  3. The refugee crisis layers historically through Meheba like rings on a tree.
  4. That fear was understandable given the Haitian refugee crisis at the time.
  5. There is no sign as yet of a repeat Haitian refugee crisis.
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  7. Many Albanians worry the refugee crisis could push the country to anarchy.
  8. Afghans face a massive refugee crisis that won't be solved anytime soon.
  9. Some also predict a massive refugee crisis in the event of war.
  10. Officials are especially intrigued by the lack of a massive refugee crisis.
  11. _deliberately creating a massive refugee crisis to put pressure on the Lebanese government
  12. This group met with Generals Sherman and Saxton to discuss the refugee crisis.
  13. Experts say a refugee crisis could cost US $ 1.5 billion.
  14. They are merely the most visible casualties of a far larger refugee crisis.
  15. Reverberations of the Indochina refugee crisis continued into the 21st century.
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