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  1. Jan returns to the refugee centre and tells Randi to rescind the complaint report.
  2. From 1978 to 2004 he was Chairman of the New Hope Migrant and Refugee Centre.
  3. In 1984 the Danish Red Cross used the building as their first refugee centre in Denmark.
  4. She leaves and files a report on the refugee centre and herself, causing it to close down.
  5. Donated coats will be distributed to homeless shelters, refugee centres, elderly organisations, and other charities in November.
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  7. To bring down costs, the government will consider reducing immigration staff and posts at the refugee centres.
  8. Soon after, the site became a refugee centre for German nationals, and then later an air defense training school.
  9. Another offshoot, N黦ida, drew scrutiny after several of its members became involved in a neo-Nazi plot to bomb a refugee centre.
  10. Gjems-Onstad made news in 2008 when he had talks with the disturbed man who fired a gun towards a refugee centre.
  11. Most civilians deserted the city, leaving the H魀ital G閚閞al as a refugee centre for the poor who had nowhere to go.
  12. He then spent time in exile in Sweden, where he helped lead the refugee centre Kjes鋞er towards the end of the war.
  13. Due to the siting of a UNHCR refugee centre in Lombok some refugees from middle eastern countries have intermarried with Lombok people.
  14. The third and final stage would be the activation of war measures, such as local councils setting up refugee centres and the like.
  15. All of the refugees were transferred from the centre in Kwun Tong Road, Kowloon, to the Tuen Mun Pillar Point Vietnamese Refugee Centre.
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