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  1. And at the refugee camp, a similar sentiment was echoed.
  2. The refugee camps pose threats to the animals in several ways.
  3. The Israeli army has withdrawn from Palestinian towns and refugee camps.
  4. But the parents remember life in the refugee camp in Thailand.
  5. His mother died in a refugee camp after the Hungarian uprising.
  6. It's difficult to find refugee camps in a sentence.
  7. Most have settled in slums and refugee camps outside the city.
  8. I visited a Palestinian refugee camp on the outskirts of Amman.
  9. Squalid refugee camps abut the new seaside mansions of Palestinian leaders.
  10. Bukoshi said during a visit to a refugee camp in Tirana.
  11. I was in a refugee camp for more than a year.
  12. After two years, she fled to refugee camps in Thailand.
  13. There, the refugees could reach the refugee camps of Europe.
  14. More than 80, 000 are in refugee camps in Nepal.
  15. Rufino, Anthony and Deng met at a refugee camp there.
  16. Meanwhile, the casualties in the refugee camps continue to rise.
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