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  1. Burmese troops have repeatedly invaded Thai soil to burn refugee camps.
  2. Three protests were held in Amman and nearby Palestinian refugee camps.
  3. The pope also will pass near Sabra and Chatilla refugee camps.
  4. He was expected to tour refugee camps later in the day.
  5. The Israeli army has withdrawn from Palestinian towns and refugee camps.
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  7. Larsen said during a tour of a West Bank refugee camp.
  8. I visited a Palestinian refugee camp on the outskirts of Amman.
  9. Three of his children were born in refugee camps in Lebanon.
  10. The Dizdarevics lived in a Croatian refugee camp for five months.
  11. His mother died in a refugee camp after the Hungarian uprising.
  12. Thousands have slipped out of refugees camps and dispersed throughout Italy.
  13. Running a refugee camp is a lot like managing a city,
  14. Tens of thousands are shivering through the night in refugee camps.
  15. The remaining three will be buried Saturday at the refugee camp.
  16. Some arrived as recently as six weeks ago from refugee camps.
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