refugee boy in a sentence

  1. On the lake Sunday, four refugee boys pedaled a pontoon boat.
  2. But one day he meets two young refugee boys and takes them in.
  3. When Israel was born, I was a 12-year-old Polish refugee boy.
  4. He emerged several minutes later, smiling and holding the hand of a young refugee boy.
  5. Then she meets Albert, a Hungarian refugee boy with an even greater heartache and heavier secrets.
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  7. The film is about a fatally ill poet who forms a friendship with a young refugee boy from Albania.
  8. CUBA CAPITALIZING ON REFUGEE BOY'S PLIGHT ( For use by New York Times News Service clients ) By STEVE FAINARU c . 1999 The Boston Globe
  9. And that he rescued a Jewish Polish refugee boy from certain discovery, got him false papers and put him into a Catholic orphanage where he survived the war.
  10. WORLD PRESS PHOTO OF THE YEAR _ Erik Refner, Denmark, Berlingske Tidende, " The Body of an Afghan Refugee Boy is Prepared for Funeral,"
  11. The Bagleys had come under criticism earlier this year for having Elian Gonzalez, the Cuban refugee boy at the center of a bitter custody battle, visit their posh home.
  12. One threadbare 14-year-old refugee boy burst past officials during Ogata's guided tour of the camp Friday, demanding when he could return to Kosovo, and inviting her to come too.
  13. Instead, he arrived at the airport to greet the arriving Kosovo refugees, headed up the stairs of the plane and emerged several minutes later, smiling and holding the hand of a young refugee boy.
  14. "The Final Solution ", a 2004 novella by Michael Chabon, concerns an unnamed but long-retired detective interested in beekeeping who tackles the case of a missing parrot belonging to a Jewish refugee boy.
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