refugee board in a sentence

  1. The law gives little flexibility to the Immigration and Refugee Board.
  2. The Immigration and Refugee Board denied their application in January 1997.
  3. She has also been active with the Immigrant and Refugee Board.
  4. The Filipinos are still hopeful the refugee board will reconsider its decision.
  5. The hearing is before the Immigration and Refugee Board, a separate body.
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  7. They have 30 days to file an appeal to the Immigration and Refugee Board.
  8. Patrick Ward was ordered deported earlier this week by the Immigration and Refugee Board.
  9. Each claim for asylum will be examined by the Canadian Immigration and Refugee Board.
  10. Mugesera had appealed two deportation orders by Canada's Immigration and Refugee Board.
  11. This led to the creation of a new agency, the War Refugee Board.
  12. The Immigration and Refugee Board decided in 1992 that Ogunfowora was not a genuine refugee.
  13. The Supreme Court ordered the Immigration and Refugee Board to rehear Ward's case.
  14. In 1992, the refugee board decided Siad should not be allowed to claim refugee status.
  15. In 2007, Goodman was appointed as chairperson of the Immigration and Refugee Board of Canada.
  16. Immigration and Refugee Board . 9 a . m . 136 Edward St ., 3rd Floor.
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