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  1. But part of the attraction of Key Largo's reef is its accessibility.
  2. A fringing reef is a reef that is attached to an island.
  3. In the northern part of the eastern reef is Quita Sue駉 Light.
  4. The southern part of the reef is broader but has no islands.
  5. If the reef is in state waters, the state typically accepts liability.
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  7. Much of the framework of modern coral reefs is formed by scleractinians.
  8. The pressing reason for building on reefs is simply lack of space.
  9. A wreck still visible on the reef is a testament to this.
  10. The reef is 32 km long and up to 4 km wide.
  11. Hiking at Capitol Reef is different from at Zion, Bryce and Arches.
  12. "The survival of any reef is based on stability, " said Hudson.
  13. The Port Noarlunga Reef is connected to the shore by a jetty.
  14. The total land area of the islands on its reef is.
  15. This atoll is very low and its reef is often awash.
  16. The total area within the outer rim of the reef is.
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