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  1. Veron, who has discovered over one-quarter of all recorded reef coral, was surprised himself.
  2. The Hawaiian reef coral is a U . S . National Marine Fisheries Service Species of Concern.
  3. Sediment damage would typically show itself first in the more sensitive reef corals, which don't seem to have been affected, Vare said.
  4. One prominent example was in the Maldives during the 1998 warming, during which fewer than 5 % of the natural reef corals survived.
  5. Over 149 species are described . " Acropora " species are some of the major reef corals responsible for building the immense calcium carbonate substructure that supports the thin living skin of a reef.
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  7. The innovative, user-friendly fish identification guide was soon followed by two companion volumes, " Reef Creature Identification " ( 1992 ) and " Reef Coral Identification " ( 1993 ), which together make up the now famous Reef Set.
  8. The Yueli Bay ( g蓻cp ) sits southeast of Cimei, forming a beautiful arc-shaped bay with white coral and a sand beach; this is the only sand beach on Cimei Island, along with rich recreational resources, and reef coral terrain formed by the coral reefs connected to the island; It is also a known place for diving activities, its corals and tropical fishes.

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