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  1. This dolomitic reef complex is overlain by younger undolotomized reef limestone.
  2. The smaller northeastern reef complex measures east-west and is up to wide, covering an area of.
  3. The larger southwestern reef complex measures northeast-southwest, and is up to wide, covering an area of about.
  4. Off the eastern coast of Australia is the world's largest coral reef complex, the Great Barrier Reef.
  5. The Proterozoic Belt Supergroup contains evidence of possible microbial mat and dome structures similar to stromatolite reef complexes.
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  7. The oil production platforms in the Gulf have also been called the largest artificial reef complex in the world.
  8. The reef complex lies due east from the city of Mackay, Queensland or northeast of the city of Gladstone.
  9. "' Wilson Reef "'is a small ( 4.5 ha ) coral reef within the Great Barrier Reef complex of Queensland, Australia.
  10. The Canning Basin is home to a Devonian fossil reef complex that stretches 350 km across the northern edge of the basin.
  11. These ancient reef complexes formed the localizing structures for the mineralizing fluids that resulted in the rich ore deposits of the area.
  12. It comprises two small cays on Michaelmas Reef, which forms the north-eastern section of the Arlington reef complex, within the Great Barrier Reef.
  13. It was opened in 1997 for the purpose of promoting and facilitating long-term conservation and management of the wider Belize Barrier Reef complex.
  14. It is a prehistoric coral-reef complex that has bio-similarities to modern patch-reefs, and a species distribution that includes both Carolinian and Caribbean components.
  15. The brassy trevally inhabits both inshore and offshore environments, predominantly inhabiting the seaward side of reef complexes or deep water pinnacles as an adult.
  16. The Mesoamerican Barrier Reef System, stretching the full length of the country's coastline, is the largest unbroken coral reef complex in the Western Hemisphere.
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