reef balls in a sentence

  1. By 2007, the foundation had deployed 550, 000 reef balls worldwide.
  2. Sarawak to use reef balls to stop turtle killings
  3. Reef Ball also participates in education and outreach regarding environmental stewardship and coral reefs.
  4. He wondered, why not add human ash and make the reef balls into memorials?
  5. Over 550, 000 Reef Balls have been deployed in more than 4, 000 projects.
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  7. The use of reef balls as breakwaters and for beach stabilization has also been extensively studied.
  8. Scientists recently deployed concrete reef balls in an attempt to provide habitat for fish and coral.
  9. Designed systems ( such as reef balls ) can be modified to achieve a variety of goals.
  10. The piers would be reconstructed to encourage marine growth, by having reef balls to attract fish populations.
  11. It can run as high as $ 5, 000, depending upon the model of reef ball chosen.
  12. Eternal Reefs has placed about 200 reef ball memorials since its founding, mostly along the Gulf Coast states.
  13. Holes are bored in the hollow concrete reef balls to allow small fish to come and go as they please.
  14. The newest are the man-made reef balls, which are underwater " hotels " for small fish.
  15. Reef balls can be found in almost every coastal state in the United States, and on every continent including Antarctica.
  16. Cremated remains are sometimes placed inside concrete coral reef balls, and ceremoniously placed in the sea as part of a reef ecosystem.
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