reef aquaria in a sentence

  1. It is sometimes kept in reef aquaria.
  2. "Millepora alcicornis " has no commercial uses but is sometimes kept in reef aquaria.
  3. The drug has been used in marine reef aquaria to control parasitic harptacoid copepod ( Tegastidae ) infestations on captive hard coral colonies.
  4. Bruckner said, " the harvest of fish, live rock and coral for reef aquaria are also contributing to their decline ."
  5. The variable bushy feather star is sometimes sold for display in reef aquaria, however it is not easy to meet its food requirements and most aquarium specimens sooner or later die of starvation.
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  7. Similarly, it is also used in the maintaining reef aquaria, where it is commonly used in calcium reactors to temporarily lower the pH of water being passed over calcium carbonate in order to allow the calcium carbonate to dissolve into the water more freely where it is used by some corals to build their skeleton.

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