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  1. The school's 8.5 acres overlooking the Reedy River in Tuscan village.
  2. The success of " Reedy River " primarily inspired the Australian folk music revival of the 1950s.
  3. Lake Conestee was created when the Reedy River was dammed at the Conestee Mill in about 1892.
  4. The park's most striking feature is a unique pedestrian bridge that curves around a waterfall on the Reedy River.
  5. "' Cleveland Park "'is the largest park in greenway along Richland Creek and the Reedy River near center city.
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  7. The "'Reedy River "'is a tributary of the Saluda River, about long, in northwestern South Carolina in the United States.
  8. For example, the diesel fuel that gushed into the Reedy River in South Carolina last year from a Colonial Pipeline Co.
  9. His widow filed for administration of the estate on October 2, 1782 in the Ninety-Six District as Sarah'Stephens'Bowman of Reedy River.
  10. Anchored in the Falls Park on the Reedy, the Liberty Bridge ( a pedestrian suspension bridge ) crosses over the Reedy River.
  11. The band received much attention after performing in the very successful Sydney New Theatre production of the musical Reedy River, by Dick Diamond.
  12. Since 2010, the field has hosted a neutral site game of the Reedy River Rivalry between the Clemson Tigers and South Carolina Gamecocks.
  13. The largest, in 1996, spilled almost a million gallons that traveled 34 miles down the Reedy River in South Carolina and killed 35n000 fish.
  14. Highlights included fourth-place finishes at the World's Best 10K and Cooper River Bridge Run in 2003 and two wins at the Reedy River Run.
  15. Construction boomed in the 1870s such as the establishment of a bridge over the Reedy River, new mills on the river and new railroads.
  16. Hopkin covered three Donovan songs : " Lord Of The Reedy River ", " Happiness Runs " and " Voyage of the Moon ".
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