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  1. The theme is mostly associated with double-reed instruments, primarily the English horn.
  2. Mulligan was also a skilled pianist and played several other reed instruments.
  3. The orchestral texture is bittersweet, using double reed instruments, clarinets and strings.
  4. The chirim韆, a reed instrument of Hispanic origin, can also be heard.
  5. These days, it's not uncommon to hear electronic violins, reed instruments and percussion.
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  7. But an allergy made him unable to play a horn or reed instrument.
  8. Socksophonephobia _ The fear of playing a reed instrument after removing your shoes.
  9. Single reed instruments include the clarinet, saxophone, and others such as the chalumeau.
  10. The "'piston "'( bombard or talabard, the traditional double reed instrument of Brittany.
  11. Sexophonephobia _ The fear of playing a reed instrument after reading public-restroom graffiti.
  12. Sacksophonephobia _ The fear of playing a reed instrument in a brown paper bag.
  13. He learned to play many classical woodwind and reed instruments at a young age.
  14. It is a free reed instrument, allied to the accordion.
  15. Sagsophonephobia _ The fear of playing a droopy reed instrument.
  16. Dimitris Kamarotos'instrumental music mixes percussive anxiety with the wandering, lonely melodies of reed instruments.
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