redact in a sentence

"redact" meaning  "redact" in Chinese  
  1. We can redact transcripts of the taped material and release those.
  2. I suggest you redact, as that is a personal attack.
  3. Do I need the community's permission to redact those?
  4. I have asked the editor who made it to redact it.
  5. Could an administrator check over that and redact the page as appropriate?
  6. It's difficult to find redact in a sentence.
  7. Can someone take a look and redact / excise anything that violates?
  8. Do you mind then, if I redact your comment?
  9. I, too, would like you redact your comment.
  10. It was for this reason that Rebbi chose to redact the Mishnah.
  11. Now that you've apologized, you can redact your accusation.
  12. WP : REDACT explicitly allows editors to remove uncivil comments.
  13. Anything else we redact is pure preference on our side.
  14. Applicants are also welcome to edit their products and redact sensitive information.
  15. Please redact what is incorrect and note to that effect.
  16. In regret, she tries to send a messenger to redact her claim.
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