red worm in a sentence

"red worm" meaning  "red worm" in Chinese  
  1. _Red Worm virus could strike Tuesday; threatens computers worldwide . ( National)
  2. I thought I'd killed them, because red worms like it warm.
  3. TruSecure has been one of the true experts on the Code Red worm.
  4. The Code Red worm infected computers throughout Asia in August.
  5. _Red Worm virus spreads across the Internet ( National)
  6. It's difficult to find red worm in a sentence.
  7. The more expensive brands don't contain the red worm.
  8. Red worms ( especially Eisenia foetida ) work the best; garden-variety night crawlers don't compost.
  9. The Code Red worms can affect some Cisco hardware.
  10. That function fell victim to the Code Red worm attack, bringing down thousands of Web sites.
  11. He lets red worms do the job.
  12. The original Code Red worm, which appeared last month, infected about 250, 000 computers at its peak.
  13. The Code Red worm can be blocked with a patch available free from Microsoft at the following sites:
  14. Microsoft, whose software has the vulnerability that lets the Code Red worms attack, has itself been a victim.
  15. It's a bin about the size of a cat-litter box, filled with dinner-table scraps _ and three-inch-long red worms.
  16. But the Code Red Worm spreads across the Internet by exploiting weaknesses in the Microsoft software used on Internet servers.
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