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"red indian" meaning  "red indian" in Chinese  
  1. "She's got red Indian written all over her face, " he said.
  2. This practice led Europeans to refer to them as " Red Indians ".
  3. The story is also known as " Longing to be a Red Indian ".
  4. Las Vegas is overrun by Red Indians, who leave many American cities to ruin.
  5. Tolkien wrote that stories about " Red Indians " were his favourites as a boy.
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  7. Touch has adopted a Red Indian look which matches, he explains, the new Latin-sounding beats.
  8. "Red Indian Diary " presents melodies from several tribes, including the Hopi, Cheyenne and Wabanakis.
  9. This confused the discoverers of the New World, who labeled them " red Indians ."
  10. Badger, Buchans, Buchans Junction, Crooked Lake, Millertown and Red Indian Lake are in the district.
  11. Buchan's party encountered several Beothuk near Red Indian Lake.
  12. Ripe purple dewberries signaled summer, while nearby a few red Indian paintbrush blooms lingered from spring.
  13. :: : : Lone Ranger and Tonto suddenly get surrounded by a hoard of hostile Red Indians.
  14. The Beothuk painted themselves with red ochre, which was the origin of the term " Red Indian ".
  15. Vernon wrongly assumed the pilot meant Red Indians, and thought that they had landed centuries in the past.
  16. They begin to notice that the Native Americans seem to have Yankee accents rather than that of Red Indians.
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