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  1. Looting is a recurrent pattern in Haiti's turbulent history.
  2. You put him out there, these things can be recurrent.
  3. Her recurrent nightmares of panthers menacing the house require parental comforting.
  4. _Recurrent thoughts of death, suicide or a suicide attempt.
  5. Thus, recurrent heavy rains will heighten the risk of flooding.
  6. It's difficult to find recurrent in a sentence.
  7. Recurrent kidney and bladder infections because his right ureter backed up.
  8. His recurrent back pain at first was mistaken for muscle damage.
  9. Deception has been a recurrent concern in Sweeney's case.
  10. Still, cultural sensitivity was a recurrent theme during the visit.
  11. Weil had a tracheotomy in 1990 after recurrent bouts of pneumonia.
  12. About 1975, Franklin began suffering from recurrent nightmares and insomnia.
  13. about 60 percent more likely to suffer from recurrent ear infections.
  14. On those rare but recurrent days, Paris dies a little.
  15. A recurrent patient complaint is the lack of cleanliness in hospitals.
  16. The most recurrent theme of the campaign seems to be cynicism.
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