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  1. When used without qualification, " aphthae " commonly refers to lesions of recurrent aphthous stomatitis.
  2. The current most widely used medical term is " recurrent aphthous stomatitis " or simply " aphthous stomatitis ".
  3. Historically, many different terms have been used to refer to recurrent aphthous stomatitis or its sub-types, and some are still in use.
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  5. Squamous epithelial cells with nuclear changes resembling Anitschkow cells have also been observed in recurrent aphthous stomatitis, iron deficiency anemia, children receiving chemotherapy, as well as in healthy individuals.
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  7. In the oral cavity people with Crohn's may develop cheilitis granulomatosa and other forms of orofacial granulomatosis, pyostomatitis vegetans, recurrent aphthous stomatitis, geographic tongue, and migratory stomatitis in higher prevalence than the general population.

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