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  1. I think a recurrence of something like that would be difficult.
  2. But the plant is reviewing its procedures to prevent a recurrence.
  3. The injury is a recurrence of one Brymer suffered last season.
  4. To report the recurrence of an old heresy, press two.
  5. They highlight the need for regulatory changes to prevent a recurrence.
  6. It's difficult to find recurrence in a sentence.
  7. Unfortunately, recurrence is frequent and permanent remissions are relatively few,
  8. Her doctors found a recurrence of her cancer in October 2000.
  9. And the recurrences make the remaining task of eradication more difficult.
  10. Often, these recurrences are more lethal than the initial cancers.
  11. Since then, Dole has had no recurrences of the disease.
  12. Call for global effort to prevent recurrence of haze, NEW STRAITS
  13. Ullrich missed the 2002 Tour with a recurrence of his injury.
  14. We all know there's a possibility of recurrence ."
  15. Recurrence relations are equations to define one or more sequences recursively.
  16. Two events in particular were to precipitate a recurrence of tensions.
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