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  1. Occasionally, a cook or chef has made an impact in a one-time or recuring role.
  2. Edit wars ThePromenader has participated in have solely included yourself on recuring topics of which ThePromenader has attached sources or remove content without.
  3. Dr Leelavathi proposed that the Federal and State Governments as well as religious leaders meet and discuss ways to avoid such an episode from recuring.
  4. Given the recuring nature of a significant number weapons, and their importance to the evoltion of the series, I'd say it is notable.
  5. :There's also the recuring story within a story " Concrete Universe " which ocasionally appears in the web comic " Slipstream Starslip Crisis ".
  6. It's difficult to find recuring in a sentence.
  7. My intention is to propose the use of this image for a barnstar for work on comics articles, since Sloper is recognised as the oldest recuring comics character.
  8. I've seen this recently with rail / subway stations ( which seems to have been the subject of recuring debate ), TV episodes, music albums, peers / peerages and baronets / baronetcies, and probably far more.

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