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  1. Professor Schiaparelli then recurs to the Vulgate rendering of this passage.
  2. This recurs to the point where Scott calls Mr . Mackey in the middle of the night.
  3. He said these people might recur to violence as part of their " armed propaganda " but not carry out murders.
  4. It is a mystery to me how an editor with more than 8k edits, such as Athenean, a Tutnum, would recur to edit-warring.
  5. Bishops are to recur to him also in matters concerning institutes of simple vows that are not diocesan but have their own superior-general.
  6. It's difficult to find recur to in a sentence.
  7. The ones that do not want to put that word in the lede, recur to name calling, ad hominem attacks, and belittling other editors.
  8. Solis praised it, saying " the real pleasure " in the film is that Assis " doesn't recur to exploitation to make these people memorable ".
  9. If you recur to an odd depth ( order is odd ) then you end up turned 60 degrees, at a different point in the triangle.
  10. At least recur to nature, which in confirmation of the faith for our best teaching, continually produces and gives birth to new animals without union of male and female.
  11. That sober warning recurs to me often, most recently this week on the occasion of the convening of the 50th annual conclave of the International Press Institute in Boston, where 500 publishers, poobahs, editors, and assorted spear carriers.
  12. There is also the popular cult of Miguel 羘gel Gait醤, from Villa Uni髇, in La Rioja, known as El Angelito Milagroso, an infant who died of meningitis just short of his first birthday, who people recur to for requests and miracles.
  13. These facts may explain why Josephine later thought of this time in her life as " a bad dream . " She said, " the whole experience recurs to my memory as a bad dream and I remember little of its details.
  14. Ayer describes Merleau-Ponty's inclusion of a chapter on " The Body in its Sexual Being " as " surprising ", suggesting that Merleau-Ponty included it to give him an opportunity to recur to the Hegelian dialectic of the master and the slave.
  15. To recur to his Congressional record, we find that the Southern Pacific Railroad bill was turned over to him after it had been abandoned by all others, and that it was placed in his hands at the special request of Gen . Freemont.
  16. In some cases they must recur to their ministers, who " should beware lest they be angry or troubled on account of the sins of others, because anger and trouble impede charity in themselves and in others " ( c . vii ).
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