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  1. Historically the recovery ratios of recuperators compared to regenerative burners were low.
  2. Twin rotating recuperators transfer exhaust heat to the inlet air, greatly improving fuel economy.
  3. The agency will add eight heat recuperators to its Aguirre power plant to cogenerate 200 megawatts.
  4. Recuperators are difficult to design and manufacture because they operate under high pressure and temperature differentials.
  5. The highly advanced turbines featured intercooled compressors and recuperators to boost turbine power output and reduce fuel consumption.
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  7. Recuperators are often used in association with the burner portion of a heat engine, to increase the overall efficiency.
  8. The senate appointed the recuperatores ( recuperators ) to investigate extortion and maladministration by the propraetors and to recover damages for provincial plaintiffs.
  9. The senate appointed the recuperatores ( recuperators ) to investigate extortion and maladministration by the praetors and to recover damages for provincial plaintiffs.
  10. The design of inlet and outlet headers used to distribute hot and cold fluids in the matrix is much simpler in counter flow regenerators than recuperators.
  11. However, recent improvements to technology have allowed recuperators to recover 70-80 % of the waste heat and pre-heated air up to is now possible.
  12. The Escopette and Kentfield designs use recuperators ( U-shaped auxiliary tubes ) mounted in front of the front-firing intakes to turn the intake blast and flow rearward.
  13. For example, such methods are required for producing advanced, high-temperature structural parts such as heat engine components, recuperators and the like from powders of ceramic raw materials.
  14. Other changes included the removal of the ceramic recuperators from the turbines for reliability reasons, although this dramatically increased fuel use, and the addition of a small seating area to the passenger car for VIP use.
  15. Compared to its contemporary British SPG, the Gun Carrier Mark I, the Canon de 194 was much more advanced; it was driven by only one person, had hydraulic brakes and the gun had automatically adjusting recoil mechanisms and pneumatic recuperators.
  16. Furthermore, advances in gas turbine technology, including the use of advanced recuperators, have allowed for reduction in engine volume and mass to less than 1 m 3 and 1 metric ton, respectively, while maintaining fuel efficiency similar to that of a diesel engine.
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