recuperative in a sentence

"recuperative" meaning  "recuperative" in Chinese  
  1. His first Breakers will be sort of a recuperative race.
  2. The unsinkable Debbie Reynolds once again demonstrates her recuperative powers.
  3. It required supernatural recuperative powers to recover as he did.
  4. Stabilized patients could be moved to the larger hospital for recuperative care.
  5. But they don't die easily due to their recuperative powers.
  6. It's difficult to find recuperative in a sentence.
  7. This opportunity of recovering energy is where the term recuperative results from.
  8. Like her husband, she has formidable political skills and impressive recuperative powers.
  9. The body's own recuperative powers restore health.
  10. His recuperative summer is idyllic with Catherine, until she reveals her pregnancy.
  11. They talked so much about testing their recuperative powers.
  12. "The system has incredible recuperative powers, " he said.
  13. Recuperative measures were put in place and largely worked.
  14. It was used as a recuperative care facility for hotel and restaurant workers.
  15. The Intercooled Recuperative Gas Turbine Engine would be assembled and tested at the shipyard.
  16. How the Mets would respond Saturday would offer a glimpse of their recuperative powers.
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