recoveries in a sentence

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  1. He said the recovery was also continuing in New York state.
  2. The humor and candidness he displayed during his recovery was inspirational.
  3. But it is remarkably widespread, compared with some previous recoveries.
  4. The long-range outlook for recovery is guarded but promising.
  5. But a recovery in Viacom's stock revived the deal.
  6. It's difficult to find recoveries in a sentence.
  7. All of the disaster-recovery centers command hefty subscription prices.
  8. The recovery is as much mental and psychological as anything else,
  9. Sasser says the recovery " has still not settled down.
  10. But Anderson insists Mass'family is committed to his recovery.
  11. The recovery has been marked by wages lagging behind other costs.
  12. Safety Henry Jones made the recovery at the Bills'24.
  13. George Raveling : A full recovery and perfect health in 1995.
  14. Instead, businesses have been the main driving force behind recovery.
  15. Eight months later, Lancaster is finding that recovery is slow.
  16. "But it won't affect the recovery phase.
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