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  1. Now, people are realizing they need to be more rational.
  2. -- Health care spending should be managed through rational planning.
  3. Real peace will come only with a rational government in Baghdad.
  4. He has his own mind, but his thinking is rational.
  5. Where did rational, civil processes with this family get lost?
  6. It's difficult to find rational in a sentence.
  7. At times it provides a more rational environment than other places.
  8. Meanwhile, there are rational explanations for this seemingly irrational behavior.
  9. It would be the rational and the resolute use of force.
  10. It's not fair and it's not rational.
  11. "But that doesn't address the rational basis.
  12. "There hasn't been a rational detention policy.
  13. Any statement I make right now might not be very rational.
  14. It is shameful to maintain a disparity with no rational basis.
  15. "Why ? " a rational person might ask.
  16. Can't we find a rational middle ground in this?
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