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  1. The critics argued that any body that owns and consolidates a society's means of production cannot acquire the information needed to calculate general equilibrium prices, and that market-determined prices were essential for the rational allocation of producer goods.
  2. Austrian scientific thinkers whose ideas were based on Ernst Mach's empiricist notion of energy and technological optimism, including Josef Popper-Lynkeus and Carl Ballod, proposed plans for rational allocation of exhaustible energy and materials through statistical empirical methods.
  3. Instead, Murphy argues that they result from government efforts to regulate the free market that have the effect of distorting laissez-faire supply and demand that would encourage the most rational allocation of resources possible, as well as their conservation for future generations.
  4. Indeed, Nicholas Negroponte, the head of MIT's Media Lab, has speculated that rational allocation would lead to a colossal reshuffling of uses in which most voice communications would move to wireless service and spectrum hogs like video would retreat to fiber-optic cable.
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