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  1. In the context of their circumstances, they are rational actors.
  2. Above all, he described using rational actor models as dangerous.
  3. Insane ends are sometimes carried out by rational actors, Surette said.
  4. Generally, this criterion consists of individuals'rational actor.
  5. The Cold War era was a two-player game with rational actors.
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  7. Gary Becker was an early proponent of applying rational actor models more widely.
  8. Game theory assumes that individuals are rational actors motivated to maximize their utilities.
  9. Their enemies are always coordinated and rational actors intent on the paranoid s destruction.
  10. The Love Bug era is a multi-player game with many angry, non-rational actors.
  11. Don't forget that the state enterprise directors are rational actors and know how to appease new masters.
  12. *We currently use many different articles when referring to " rational actors " or " behaving rationally ".
  13. In this view, people are considered rational actors who engage in marginal analysis to make many or all of their decisions.
  14. But, he added, " I am personally pessimistic about the ability of rational actors to influence the process at this point.
  15. Allison has conceded this is true, but argued that this does not mean a person should automatically revert to the rational actor worldview.
  16. Indeed, the St . Petersburg paradox is only a paradox if one accepts the premise that rational actors seek to maximize their expected wealth.
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