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  1. We perform individual, rational acts of discrimination all the time.
  2. It made the wholesale slaughter of Filipinos a rational act in the minds of Americans.
  3. Even Vlad's acts of cruelty were often represented as rational acts serving national interest.
  4. Bidding up its stock 20 percent on expectations of smaller losses isn't a rational act.
  5. For example, in moments of hardship, focus all your attention to perform only the rational acts.
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  7. The SPC project seeks to deepen the social democratic fabric of communities by evolving young minds into enlightened citizens who obey laws not by enforcement but rather as a natural and rational act.
  8. After that, Salhab was known for his stand as a Mu'tazili scholar against non-rational acts which done by the name if Islam, such as Apostasy and stoning to death.
  9. Facing the reality of a dismal 2 percent support in the national polls and successive primary defeats, giving up in a timely fashion stands out as the most rational act of his entire useless campaign.
  10. This is also why we feel something similar when coming upon the beautiful in art ( or music ) and the beautiful in nature ( or mathematics ) . . . Beauty is experienced as a form of knowledge because it is through the archetypal rational act _ that of analogy and metaphor _ that we come to know the beautiful.
  11. In a review of Howard Jacobson's 2010 Man Booker Prize-winning novel " The Finkler Question ", Edward Alexander writes, " the novel's Holocaust-denying Israeli " yored " drummer is in fact based upon one Gilad Atzmon, who is better known in England for endorsing the ideology of the " Protocols of the Elders of Zion " and describing the burning of British synagogues as a'rational act'in retaliation for Israeli actions ."
  12. It is the antithesis in a dialectical argument whose thesis is the point & ndash; made earlier in the analysis & ndash; that " war is nothing but a duel [ or wrestling match, a better translation of the German " Zweikampf " ] on a larger scale . " His synthesis, which resolves the deficiencies of these two bold statements, says that war is neither " nothing but " an act of brute force nor " merely " a rational act of politics or policy.
  13. Barberis has noted that the disposition effect is not a rational sort of conduct because of the reality of stockmarket momentum, meaning  that stocks that have done well over the past six months tend to keep doing well over the next six months; and that stocks that have done poorly over the past six months tend to keep doing poorly over the next six months .  This being the case, the rational act would be  to hold on to stocks that have recently risen in value; and to sell stocks that have recently fallen in value.

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