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  1. But the official ration provides only 70 percent of needed calories.
  2. But at colder temperatures the ration drops to 6 to 1.
  3. We otherwise lived on cold C-and K-rations.
  4. Most of the animals drank all of their intended salt ration.
  5. The last ration of food they received was 11 days ago.
  6. It's difficult to find ration in a sentence.
  7. Beyond that, he added, the government could ration gasoline.
  8. But many alpha-1 patients are being dispensed restricted rations.
  9. The Knicks know the Heat defense hands out points like rations.
  10. People bitched about the Army canned rations, but you ate.
  11. We tried switching them all to a low-calorie ration.
  12. The hair clogged the makeshift pump and spoiled the meager rations.
  13. In California, they are starting to ration the branch system.
  14. But if water runs low, resist the temptation to ration.
  15. A rare ration of milk is the main remaining official perk.
  16. How, for instance, do you ration a lifesaving drug?
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