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  1. Britain also will provide 6, 000 ration packs for the AU mission.
  2. They fed some of them crackers, noodles and meat from their ration packs.
  3. Water treatment items are not required in the individual ration pack.
  4. It is issued to the Australian Defence Force in its CR1M ration packs.
  5. Similar to every British tank since the field ration packs.
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  7. Medical supplies, blankets and ration packs also are aboard.
  8. Upon arrival, each refugee was given a daily ration pack and sent on their way.
  9. The UK provides the Operational Ration Pack, General Purpose.
  10. All those under quarantine were eating sterilized military ration packs as " a force protection measure,"
  11. Those inmates left behind were required to put together ration packs and prepare meals for rescuers.
  12. One small ration pack for lunch now but meals still small and inadequate, " the e-mail read.
  13. They took ration packs that had been intended for the transcontinental crossing, biscuits, Bovril, sugar and dried milk.
  14. It's a good feeling, " said Specialist Richard Miller, as he shared his ration pack with two Haitian children.
  15. At 22 : 00, ration pack or phone book to beat the youth, as it would not leave any traces.
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