ration coupon in a sentence

  1. Chongqing's city government recently issued ration coupons to control grain prices.
  2. And you had to show your ration coupons.
  3. His hands shook as he spoke, clutching a large set of ration coupons.
  4. They received ration coupons like other Swiss families.
  5. Here a plain three-course meal cost only 9d and no ration coupons were required.
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  7. Each year, Cuban families receive ration coupons for such basics as rice, beans and toothpaste.
  8. People all around the country spent their cherished ration coupons on wedding presents for the popular princess.
  9. Iraqis receive ration coupons which entitle them to rice, tea, sugar and cooking oil each month.
  10. I have ration coupons and I have money and I need bread .'Very often I got bread.
  11. Ration coupons for the needy to buy basics like cooking oil and sugar cover only three children per family.
  12. The biggest applause was for the last placard in the procession : " How Do You Eat Ration Coupons?
  13. That city is among several dozen that have resumed using grain ration coupons to help fight shortage-induced price hikes.
  14. Although prices soared, lines and ration coupons vanished and stores quickly were full of goods after the long years of Soviet poverty.
  15. Miller and Weston's pooled gas ration coupons enabled them to drive out to the Valley and photograph in their free time.
  16. On account of the austerity measures following the war, Princess Elizabeth had to use clothing ration coupons to pay for her dress.
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