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"ration card" meaning  "ration card" in Chinese  
  1. Residents born before then were given ration cards which recorded their particulars.
  2. Mahajana High School is also used as a ration card distribution centre.
  3. He also developed a system to offer ration cards to the poor.
  4. The man I adopted as my son took away my ration card.
  5. For buying items from this shop one must have a ration card.
  6. It's difficult to find ration card in a sentence.
  7. "They'd make us have ration cards and tell us what to think.
  8. The husband suggests getting ration cards printed by a tarot-reading fortune-teller.
  9. For them only one ration card will be given to feed three families.
  10. The government has also started issuing separate food ration cards for transgender people.
  11. Even with ration cards, adequate coal for heating was almost impossible to find.
  12. A lot of families also mortgage their ration cards for money.
  13. The ration cards will be renewable every four days . bm-jbm
  14. In both ghettos ration cards were introduced in the Jewish bakeries.
  15. His infraction : using the food ration card of a higher-ranking military man.
  16. Eligibility for ration cards is cross-checked with other related, Aadhaar-linked databases.
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