ration books in a sentence

"ration books" in Chinese  
  1. Rafters who leave are immediately scratched from the ration books.
  2. During the count, the agencies also issued individual family ration books.
  3. Each car has a ration book to purchase gasoline at prescribed gas stations.
  4. Each person in a household received a ration book, including babies and children.
  5. He is an official regimental mascot and has his own rank and ration book.
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  7. In 1943 the city began war rationing, with 376, 085 ration books distributed.
  8. The prices in the ration book are about 20 times lower than the free market.
  9. It had been a caf? a library, issuing ration books and a clinic.
  10. Petrol ration books covered two months, but did not say how much each coupon would be worth.
  11. People, ration books in hand, finally were getting a strange, half-pound cut of beef.
  12. When purchasing gasoline, a driver had to present a gas card along with a ration book and cash.
  13. In Season 3 she was on a stamp in a ration books as a way to remember her commitment.
  14. Their ration book can feed the family of three for only 10-15 days a month, he says.
  15. He survives on his government ration book and his limited access to fao _ Cuban slang for the almighty dollar.
  16. Purchasers had to take ration books with them when shopping, so the relevant coupon or coupons could be cancelled.
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