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  1. His refusal to increase the ration allowance for children earned him the opposition of unions and public organisations.
  2. Fundamental to the K-ration's inadequacy was its ration allowance, rigorously standardized at one ration per man per day.
  3. He wrote to Hamilton asking for an increase, and Hamilton promptly raised the daily ration allowance from nine cents to 12.
  4. The prosecution said Karunaratne took money from the soldiers'ration allowances, from a welfare scheme and from a market where soldiers sold household goods.
  5. It is not certain if this solved Porter's problems but Porter once again asked for a greater increase in both the pay and ration allowances.
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  7. Many of the crew were also unhappy with the daily ration allowance and poor pay and as such Porter, as did Gross, had trouble finding crewmen.
  8. He nevertheless greatly improved the common soldiers'conditions by making the basic ration allowance of bread, potatoes and meat free, and also reduced other stoppages e . g . that for hospital care.
  9. For those who were to be discharged on that day received pay and a ration allowance for 28 days terminal leave; plus they received a civilian clothing allowance and a free railway pass to their homes.
  10. The inclusion of " ghost " soldiers allowed massive payroll padding; ration allowances were kept by the officers while their men starved; and the sale of arms and ammunition on the black market ( or to the enemy ) was commonplace.

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