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  1. Is a goldfishes brain size ratioed to its body size?
  2. By extension, an automatic transmission could also be called close-ratioed.
  3. This allows a near infinite " number " of gear ratios, which this implies an infinitely close-ratioed transmission.
  4. Therefore, a transmission that one manufacturer terms close-ratio may not necessarily be considered close-ratioed by another manufacturer.
  5. However, given that there are no gears or specific gear ratios, one would not really consider such a transmission close-ratioed.
  6. It's difficult to find ratioed in a sentence.
  7. It can be made compatible with Maxwell's equations if the transmittance of a sample with solute is ratioed against the transmittance of the pure solvent which explains why it works so well in Transfer-matrix method.

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