rat in a sentence

"rat" meaning  "rat" in Chinese  
  1. "` Are you afraid ?'Mole asks Rat.
  2. In his lab, 24 rats were divided into four groups.
  3. She hunted with the Twa, stalking jungle rats and chimpanzees.
  4. Kinnear said from his vantage point as a River Rats defenseman.
  5. The rats fleeing the sinking Nazi ship are being rounded up.
  6. It's difficult to find rat in a sentence.
  7. But rats can be stimulated into producing it with certain foods.
  8. It is a little air for the rats in this hole.
  9. But take out its amygdala and the rat blithely ignores predators.
  10. The rat-infested Juvenile Court is also at Fort Apache.
  11. But the rat-a-tat of hits then resumed.
  12. A normal Texas rat snake would go for about $ 10.
  13. Panthers winger Scott Mellanby was simply trying to kill a rat.
  14. The other rats are not placed under stress, Dhabhar said.
  15. Hormones alone don't make a mole-rat queen.
  16. When rats are given exendin and NPY, they eat voraciously.
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