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  1. 1984 played Drums for a trio called'Rat Tat Tat'with Peter Blakeley Vocals, Geoff Stapleton on Bass from The Aliens ( Australian band ) and GANGgajang.
  2. In addition, he played bass for Wendy Matthews, plus drums for Ya Ya Choral, Rat Tat Tat ( Peter Blakeley and Jeff Stapleton ) and The Bonerattlers who were regular buskers at Paddington Markets.
  3. that CH-inkbot is a sockpuppet of Aish Warya . that A rat tat tat yo bass is a sockpuppet of Aish Warya, as is . ( talk ) 23 : 00, 28 June 2006 ( UTC)
  4. Peter was involved with a number of line-ups between 1979 1984 including, Peter Black and The Reds ( 1980 ), The Blakeley Trio with Steve Stewart ( Slime Men, Surry Hillbillies ) and Denis Meagher, PM with Chris Bailey and Malcolm Green, Rat Tat Tat ( 1984 ) with Geoff Stapleton, Paul Abrahams, Jeff Raglus, and Geoff Stapleton, Viola Dana and The Starlight Wranglers ( 1984 ) and Paris Green ( 1984 ).
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