rat tail in a sentence

"rat tail" in Chinese  
  1. Rat tail tangs are thin tangs welded to the blade.
  2. Shorn of his rat tail, playing for minimum wages, Chapman had the night of his career.
  3. In some places, one rat tail fetches a reward of 500 dong ( 4 cents ).
  4. In 2010 the founders of Rat Tail parted ways and the company came to an end.
  5. He's a scruffy boy with'rat tails'for hair.
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  7. While talking to her, Maurice reveals that the rat catchers have been passing off bootlaces as rat tails.
  8. Some 4, 800 rats tails were presented to the Government in 1913, who paid a penny per tail.
  9. The tang of the parang is usually of rat tail tang design, and full tang designs are also available.
  10. Each participant must surrender 50 rat tails to be allowed onto the dance floor, said provincial agriculturist Apolinario Sotomil.
  11. Partial tangs have a thick blade tang which transitions to a rat tail at some point within the hilt.
  12. Mounds of rat tails were presented by the contestants, and the rat infestation in Monpon was contained, Sotomil said.
  13. Residents used traps, poison and brooms to kill thousands of rats and contributed the rat tails to their favorite contestants.
  14. A government in a remote northeastern Indian state is offering a cash reward to any one bringing a rat tail.
  15. If an inspector does not see rat droppings or rat hair or a rat tail, he cannot prove there are rats.
  16. The first biological imaging experiments were done by Freund in 1986 to study the orientation of collagen fibers in rat tail tendon.
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