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  1. Mutant inhabitants may drink and play cards at the Rat Run bar operated by Wolverine.
  2. The rest of the floors in the department store are in ruins; mold and rats run rampant.
  3. Some nearby roads were altered to restrict rat runs to stop people using neighbourhood back streets as short cuts to avoid the toll.
  4. Concern was expressed on rat runs and local air quality in parts of north Edinburgh if only a city centre cordon was introduced.
  5. Jerry and Mr . Givney then cling onto the edges of the door, and watch the rats run back into the openings inside.
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  7. New Bond Street is pedestrianised between Grafton Street and Clifford Street to prevent through traffic and to stop the road being used as a rat run.
  8. The " rat run ", as it is termed, removes the large bulk of humanity from the world, effectively ending the current civilization.
  9. Residents in Leytonstone have complained that, following the completion of the road, their streets became rat runs for commuters trying to get ahead of queues.
  10. About a week and a half ago, I was sitting at home outside and I saw a large rat run across the porch of Gracie Mansion about this large,
  11. Recently, measures have been taken to slow down the rat run traffic through the village by the installation of bollards designed to inhibit through-traffic mounting the pedestrian footpath.
  12. Road links to the economically and academically important eastern suburbs of Pretoria are poor, usually requiring drivers to traverse the city centre or rat run across the Thaba Tshwane military base.
  13. They enable the creation of rat runs around the back of the stage, which are when cast members have to walk between entrances and exits without being seen by the audience.
  14. Currently the villages of Wendlebury, Chesterton, Islip and Woodeaton suffer increasing traffic due to the establishment of a'rat run'with motorists avoiding the heavily congested A34 / A41.
  15. From that base, the British troops have mounted operations across the river to the east seeking to intercept the shadowy transfers of weapons and fighters that Marine commanders call " rat runs ."
  16. This ramshackle side of the suburb has little in the way of commercial facilities and public transport, but has become a rat run for motorists travelling to the M8 wishing to avoid the town centre.
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