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  1. It was released in 1983 as a 12-inch single on Rat Cage Records.
  2. A rat cage, the murders committed by the Bolsheviks, or a special fear of these are not mentioned.
  3. Animal excrement and food escaped from monkey and rat cages aboard Challenger in 1985 and floated through the shuttle.
  4. The judge may also move the rat cage about or make noises to  incite the dog's instincts ".
  5. Thoren Caging Systems Inc . of Hazelton won a $ 137, 248 contract from the National Cancer Institute in Bethesda for rat caging systems.
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  7. The defendants are allowed only brief periods of exercise in a barren room, called the rat cage, a defense lawyer, Michael Young, wrote in the letter.
  8. J鋍kel went on to argue that Nolte had done nothing to establish what the remarks about the " rat cage " had to do with the Holocaust.
  9. Amy pays Willow a visit, wanting her rat cage as a souvenir, and talks with Willow about her progress with avoiding magic, something which Amy isn't very encouraging about.
  10. Ping Fan, built by Ishii, the mastermind of Japanese germ warfare and its infamous Unit 731, was a camp of plague-bearing fleas, rat cages and warrens for human guinea pigs.
  11. Thoren Caging Systems in Hazelton won a $ 1 million contract from the National Cancer Indstitute in Bethesda, Md ., for stainless steel individually ventilated mouse / rat caging systems.
  12. A pet shop worker died of a severe heart ailment caused by rat bite fever, a rare infection that he contracted by cutting his finger on a rat cage, doctors said.
  13. Messinger stated that his objection to the campaign was the fact that inviting pre-teen to teenage students into massive rat cages was not the most effective way to get their message across.
  14. J鋍kel went on to accuse Nolte of engaging in a " post hoc, ergo propter hoc " argument to establish the " causal nexus " between Hitler's supposed fear of the " rat cage " torture, and the Holocaust.
  15. If the piece is industry funded, and then it gets peer reviewed, if say the rat cage was not cleaned ( and this was on purposely not cleaned, so that the results would indictate no t bisphenol A release ( let's just say ) ), the peers would find it and the piece would have to be revised anyways.
  16. J鋍kel attacked Nolte's statement that Hitler had an especially vivid fear of the Soviet " rat cage " torture by arguing that Hitler's statement of February 1, 1943 to his generals about captured German officers going off to the " rat cage " clearly meant the Lubyanka prison, and this is not as Nolte was arguing to be interpreted literally.
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