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  1. Williams and Berkely are in their office with the rat brain.
  2. LC3 was originally identified as a microtubule associated protein in rat brain.
  3. Many biochemical changes have been shown to occur in rat brains during withdrawal.
  4. Another emotion well-suited to the rat brain tracing technique is sexual arousal.
  5. CP 55, 940 showed protective effects on rat brain mitochondria upon paraquat exposure.
  6. It's difficult to find rat brain in a sentence.
  7. A toxin detector made of a slice of living rat brain on an electronic chip.
  8. Also, there are corresponding brain structures in the rat brain and the human brain.
  9. MeCP2 in the developing rat brain regulates important social development in a sexually dimorphic manner.
  10. This is exemplified, Gorski said, in his own work on differences in rat brains.
  11. A cellular rat brain is planned for 2014 with 100 mesocircuits totalling a hundred million cells.
  12. A study found that it acts as a inhibit acetylcholinesterase in rat brain ( striatum ) homogenates.
  13. Critics of psychiatric studies using ketamine seized on the rat brain research, published in the journal Science.
  14. Telomere shortening does not occur with age in some postmitotic tissues, such as in the rat brain.
  15. Seemingly the most important question is that of consciousness and whether or not the rat brain experiences it.
  16. Duerr's earliest Philadelphia-based musical groups included Eulogy, Aviary 3, and One Rat Brain.
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