rat boy in a sentence

  1. Rat Boy was shortlisted along with 10 other artists including Bonkaz, Jack Garratt and Rationale.
  2. Thomas Ferguson also accused his wife of physically abusing Joseph's youngest brother and calling him " rat boy ."
  3. He has earned the nickname of " Rat Boy " due to his sneaky, clever in-ring tactics and baiting his opponents into quick pins.
  4. Before she leaves with Happy and Rat Boy, she holds Thomas and weeps by telling him, " Killing your mommy was an accident . " Unbeknownst to her, Abel overhears her.
  5. Rat Boy was added to the BBC " Sound Of 2016 Longlist ", an annual poll in which over 100 Music Specialists select artists they believe will be successful within the next 12 months.
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  7. The labels first release was " Raise Your Love ", an EP by Rat Boy, Rejjie Snow, Inheaven, Wildes, Yonaka, Grace Acladna, Speelburg, Love Ssega with more on the way throughout 2016.
  8. Although Del and Raquel seemed to remain oblivious to Damien's bad behavior when he was younger, they did gradually become stricter with him in the final episodes and Rodney frequently calls him or refers to him as " Rat Boy ".
  9. Moses decides to attack SAMCRO on Marks'behalf by confronting Tyler, the leader of the One-Niners, for any intel on SAMCRO . They capture Rat Boy and T . O . and torture them the same way they did to Bobby.
  10. WITH : Jason Andrews ( Simon ), Eddie Daniels ( Marty ), Kevin Corrigan ( Fuller ), Kimberly Flynn ( Cyd ), Sean Hagerty ( Shayme ), Mark Alfred ( Bunch ), Christopher Cooke ( Jules ) and Bob McGrath ( Rat Boy ).
  11. Once, it was the story of how Cannizzaro, a firefighter at Ladder Company 101 in Red Hook, Brooklyn, had earned the nickname Rat Boy by leaping into a Dumpster to put out a fire, then leaping right back out when a furry creature scampered into his protective clothing.
  12. The band's influences include Dan Croll, Peace, Swim Deep, Catfish & the Bottlemen, Jaws, Rat Boy, Ed Sheeran, The Kooks, and Circa Waves to name but a few, and Jack and Jordi blame their early influences on their dad's old band-playing days.

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