rat bite in a sentence

"rat bite" in Chinese  
  1. Unfortunately, the rat bites Basil and escapes into the dining room.
  2. If your rat bites you, the odds are, you would die within two weeks.
  3. The scars on Alfredo's hand must be rat bites.
  4. The cause is not aspergillus nor rat bite fever.
  5. Federal health officials said only a few cases of rat bite fever are reported each year.
  6. It's difficult to find rat bite in a sentence.
  7. According to New York City Health Department statistics, there were 86 rat bites reported in 2010.
  8. How can a rat biting through a cable that is disconnected from the consumer unit cause a fire?
  9. Delhurst's assistant, a janitor named Zeke, and attacked from rat bites arms and face terminator 2 burns rat.
  10. The bacteria is present in the saliva of all rats but not all bite victims contract rat bite fever.
  11. The danger, Nagle said, comes mostly from car swipes, machinery injuries, rat bites and debris flying from the hopper.
  12. But the family was destitute because Kim Guang Choel, Han Mee's father, had fallen ill from a rat bite.
  13. Despite the sanitation hazards and potential rat bites, he does his job with no protective clothing and no protective gloves.
  14. A rat-catcher's risk of being bitten is high, as is the risk of acquiring a disease from a rat bite.
  15. Complaints have increased only slightly over the last six years, these officials say, and reported rat bites have held steady.
  16. Although there haven't been any reports of rats biting people, authorities fear the rodents could spread to neighboring villages, Marin said.
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