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  1. Gray's use of the term was in relation to " Rat Bikes, " motorcycles that were assembled from spare parts, to be enjoyed and ridden, and not necessarily for the display of the builder's skills.
  2. Prizes are awarded for the furthest distance travelled, best bike, best rat bike, oldest person attending, youngest person attending, etc . There are usually planned ride-outs on the Saturday taking in good roads and sometimes historic sites, museums, etc.
  3. For instance, it is hard to insure motorcycles older than 25 years because at that point insurance companies consider them " vintage " or " antique " or " classic ", but that's not a statement of value ( a 1980 rat bike is not particularly classic ), but rather a desire to avoid replacement claims on irreplaceable bikes . & mdash; & # 9742; 19 : 23, August 12, 2005 ( UTC)
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