rat bastard protective association in a sentence

  1. In 1959, DeFeo became an original member of Bruce Conner's Rat Bastard Protective Association
  2. In 1959, Neri was an original member of Bruce Conner's Rat Bastard Protective Association.
  3. In 1959, both Hedrick and DeFeo became an original members of Bruce Conner's Rat Bastard Protective Association
  4. I'll point out also that LG Williams is supposed to be a member of something called the " Rat Bastard Protective Association ", and the user is similarly named.
  5. :I notice that the article Rat Bastard Protective Association has since been full protected, which is fine as far as it goes, but in hindsight I probably wasn't clear enough in my last comment.
  6. It's difficult to find rat bastard protective association in a sentence.
  7. :: I look forward to addressing the deletion of my articles, however, since User : Debate has not speedily deleted this article Rat Bastard Protective Association as my other two ( to my dismay and formal / wiki objections ), I would like to review to the Party Down Scandal first, since it was deleted despite my and other wiki protocol requests.
  8. He has participated in the Venice Biennial; he has had over 100 exhibitions, published over 64 artists book ( which are in City Lights Bookstore ), the Slate Professor of Art History at Oxford University, Donald Preziosi, featured Williams'in his latest publication ( one of only 2 artists ! ); Williams'had 5 international art exhibits in the last year alone; countless west coast art critics have recorded Williams merit; many international art critics have recorded his merit ( See the La Stampa review : " Amongst the sleepy blue chip artists in this exhibition, one sees a tiny LG Williams'and it is a breath of fresh air . . . " ); Cengage Learning published, Drawing Upon Art, the workbook for Gardner's Art Through the Ages; he was the art critic for the Tokyo weekender; the Village Voice and other publications have published his scathing criticism of the contemporary art world and practices; he just had a 25-year artist retrospective in Milan-- which was documented in " Purple Diary " of all places ! ! ( does international jet-set culture report upon the unnotable ? lol; his last group exhibition at Culture Communication Center, What Is It ?, curated by Julija Cistiakova, included some of the most important artists exhibiting today : Seth Price, Hans Op de Beeck, Maurizio Cattelan & Pierpaolo Ferrari, Dan Perjovschi, Dora Garcia, and Christian Jankowski-- with such an international artistic line up of notables would you include a clown ?-- Williams'was the sole American !; Williams'studied at the prestigious UCDavis art faculty ( turning down Yale MFA program ) to be among Wayne Thiebaud, Robert Arneson, William Wiley, Manuel Neri; Wally Hedrick was Williams'close friend and mentor for 25 years-- in fact, Williams is the youngest member of the Rat Bastard Protective Association; he as taught art at University of California, Davis, California College of Art, University of Southern California, Arizona State University and 10 other places; and I could list his merit for another 5 paragraphs-- and I did like all the other Contemporary Los Angeles artist wiki pages.

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