rat at rat r in a sentence

  1. John Myers, guitarist for Rat at Rat R, is Glenn Branca's conductor.
  2. Rat at Rat R has strong links to New York City's avant-garde composer Glenn Branca.
  3. The latter band featured John Meyers ( another former Rat at Rat R member ) and Reverb Motherfuckers guitarist Skinny John, as well as early Live Skull member Hair.
  4. The group next signed to the larger Caroline Records label, which issued 1988's six-song " Snuffer " 12 " EP . Greenholz subsequently left and was replaced by Sonda Andersson, a former member of Rat at Rat R and cousin of avant-garde composer Glenn Branca.
  5. Brody continues to work with fellow Austin musicians like Brett Bradford ( Scratch Acid ), Jeff Pinkus ( Butthole Surfers ), Jason Craig ( Pocket FishRmen ), Jimbo Yongue ( Daddy Longhead ), Randy Turner ( Big Boys ), Paul Barker ( Ministry ), Mike Scaccia ( Ministry ) Danny Barnes ( Bad Livers ), John Hawkins ( Crust ) etc ., as well as New York musicians Victor Poison-tete ( Rat At Rat R ), Stu Spasm ( Lubricated Goat ), Italian conceptual artist Daniele Santaguiliana ( Testing Vault ) and L . A . music supervisor Jeff Kinart . . . under many different music projects.
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